March 31, 2017

5 Early Warning Signs of Being Disorganized

As an adult, your life must revolve in a fast paced world of numbers, money and everything related to business. Practicing good organizational skills is essential to promote your personal advancement. Being disorganized has a lot of negative consequences including productivity, time and money. It can even cost you your own health.

Whether you work at home or in an office company, the type of environment you are in significantly affects your productivity. If your office is untidy, it can hinder your ability to optimize efficiency and position yourself for success. However, most often than not, we do not realize that we are already creating a chaotic workplace until everything becomes obvious. Papers are piled up, files are lost, everywhere you look is just a mess you can no long concentrate.

The first step to solving the problem is to determine whether you have the tendencies of creating a muddled workplace. Here are 5 habits at home and in the office that will tell you if you are the topsy-turvy type of person.

#1. You are a paper hoarder

Whatever you collect, you cannot dispose of it immediately. You love to linger on magazine collections, old contracts that are no longer of use, bills and old coupons that hold no value. Some of these you might hold on to because of personal memories but others, you simply just left on the desk and forgot about throwing it away.

#2. A desk full of things that do not work

The best example is a bunch of pens in your container but could not find even one that writes. You also have staplers that do not have staples, empty correction pens, and a rusty pencil with no sharpener in sight. These are the everyday tools you use at work and they litter your office desk because you simply forget to throw away defective things.

#3. You have everything put on your desk

The typical 21 st century employee works with computers. However, as much as we want to campaign for a paper-free environment, the use of pen and paper is inevitable. If you don’t organize things in your office, you end up with a desk full of notes, markers and a laptop. You lose time finding that one note you need for an important call white scrambling with papers under your keyboard.

#4. You lose notes all the time

We receive a lot of information daily and that is why we have notebooks, organizers, planners, and sticky notes so we can look and review in case we forget them. When you lose notes all the time, it becomes awkward to keep asking the same person his/her address, phone number or email over and over. Without a systematic order of files that go in and out of your house or office, you will never get out of this embarrassing cycle.

#5. You always find yourself running out of time

If you are guilty of numbers 1 through 4, you will find yourself in the #5 position. Because of being disorganized, you spend time in looking for things everywhere when you ought to have finished your work early. Putting stuff in order prevents you from losing your files and wasting time to find them resulting to poor productivity. A clutter-free workplace helps you focus on more important things and open yourself to great opportunities.

There are many ways on how to defend you from distractions at work. Initially, you may think that you are doing well in terms of output but you fail to realize that you can still improve your work and personal habits to maximize productivity and ensure success. The main goal is to keep a well-maintained office. Take a look at our Top 10 Dollar Store Paper Organization Items to help you clean up your home or office and sign up to subscribe to our weekly blogs.

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