March 16, 2017

Whether or not you want to stay on top of reading for your graduate school, managing all those papers on your desk is definitely a lot of work. Well, in this fast-paced world, everybody just keeps on telling us that digital things like tablets and advanced wristwatches will soon replace the need for books, flyers, and magazines. But as you can see, every available space in your home is loaded with forms, bills, mails, and papers of all forms.

In an effort to help you organize those papers without losing your sleep, here are some proven and tested ways to keep those paper monsters at bay.

  1. Be Mindful and accept that paper is not the problem, but you.

There are two ways how paper arrives to our surfaces – either we bring it from the outside or we print it. We do get into a habit of gathering papers fearing it may be important and never discard it. We find creative ways to manage papers, or leave it unorganized and when we really need we have to spend 30 minutes finding where it is. Take note that too much paper can consume all your free space. Thus, be wise in keeping papers. Learn to identify which pieces you desperately need and which ones are futile. Ask yourself whether you really need those flyers from the grocery store, especially when all the details are already available online.

Takeaway - If you want to reduce the volume of those papers, be mindful of the things you bring inside your homes.

  1. Allocate space for recyclable papers.

To prevent the junk papers from getting inside your home, put a recycling bin somewhere near your door. Eventually, you will realize that everything that is left are those stuff that you might want to read like magazines and items that require your attention like invitations, bills, and reports. Classifying the non-important vs important papers right before it gets into the house is extremely powerful method for keeping the papers minimum. I have personally used this method and only important papers get to my attention and take my space

Takeaway – Have a sorting mechanism right at your doorstep and classify the import vs un-important

  1. Dedicate only one spot to pile papers.

We can’t help ourselves to bring paper to our homes, but we can surely prevent it from causing so much clutter. How? Allocate a dedicated zone for keeping papers. Remember, devote only one space. If you’ve had the chance, sit down and sort them. This helps to create a system of where all the papers should be piled up. There is no thinking involved of which paper goes where, it all should go to a one place

Takeaway – Have one place to gather all the paper


  1. Do not feel Obligated over magazines or books you haven’t read yet. (My Favorite)

Some people subscribe in many different magazines and reading materials, which results in pileup. Whenever they see the pile, they feel guilty of not reading them. For that reason, they decide to keep them cluttered until they have time to scan the pages. Unfortunately, before they can even read the first page, another issue arrives, which adds up to the mess.

The best way to keep this from happening is to limit yourself to at least three subscriptions. When a new issue arrives, do not hesitate to let go of the old ones.

Takeaway – No Obligation, your time is worth more than going through unimportant papers


  1. Go Paperless!!

Do not be afraid to lose something and not being able to retrieve what you need. The truth is that most of the papers you stacked up will never be used again. Instead of receiving bank statements via mail, why not embrace the digital revolution and go paperless. Get updates of your bank account by going online. Get the books in digital format, Subscribe to those magazines on your tables, pay bills online

With these simple ways to manage papers, you can put an end to all those clutter that carry along uneasy feelings. Consider these seven tips and welcome peace of mind!

Takeaway – Go Digital!!


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