April 03, 2017

We all know that moms are always super, juggling as many tasks and obligations they can, as long as they’re for the good of their family. However, doing a lot of things at once may also mean the need for some order in life.

With life getting busier each and every day, the importance of organization should still be in the minds of every mother. But the question is, how? Perhaps, Konmari method is the solution.

So, how is this method done? Let’s find out below.

  1. Declutter things by type instead of keeping them in one room.

More often than not, when we clean up clutter, we always do it one room at a time. But in this method, we are called to gather things by category and sort them accordingly. For instance, if books are to be arranged, all you have to do is to get all the books you see, pile them in one place, choose which ones deserve to have a spot on the shelves, and get rid of those that are no longer useful. If it hurts to throw them, donating them to schools might ease the burden because you know they’ll be in good hands.

The thought is basically to sort things by category every day instead of cleaning by room. By doing that, you know what items you have and make rightful decisions about them.

  1. Preserve those items that are worth keeping.

When it comes to moms, we know they want to keep their homes filled with so much love. That is why they tend to associate every object they see to a very special event in their lives. For example, they preserve a piece of tissue paper because it’s what you used when you first showed interest in learning how to write.

Now, how can you help her determine if an object is worth keeping? It’s simple. According to this method, one must only preserve those items that have a special place in your heart. Utility bills, old magazines, and receipts only create clutter. That means she has to get rid of them at once, unless if there are love notes inscribed on them.

  1. Be careful in deciding what objects to keep.

Normally, whenever we clean our homes, we look for trashes that we can easily throw away. But the Konmari method says it should be the other way around. Rather than dumping all papers on the floor and taking time to check which one should be discarded, think that all of them may be gotten rid of. By having this mindset, it would be easier for a person to decide what to keep.

Truth be told, this method isn’t only helping moms. It’s useful for us, too! Yes, it may be hard to let go of things, especially if they’ve been with you for years. But can you imagine living in a household filled with so much clutter? Well, we’re just thankful that we have moms, who do all the organizing task for us. Hence, we’re spared.

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