March 16, 2017

A home office is a must-have for full time work-from-home professionals or even for office employees with after-hour duties. Putting together a home office for the first time is fun but as you get busy and spend more and more time in your room, you encounter problems with how things are all over the place which can distract you from work. Sometimes rearranging your home office does the trick however, a simple cleaning up of paper and file organization will make it easier for you to get rid of all eyesores and make some space to breathe.


The first step in cleaning up your home office is to get rid of all the paper. Most of them, if you will notice, are unnecessary and have no use to be hanging around your table or across the room. However, there are some files that you need access to everyday. So how do you organize your files in such a way that they are accessible and not out of sight?

Of-course everyone tells you to eliminate unnecessary items, but the key is breaking down tactically and making progress in small chunks. Here are the 6 things which I have found to be working for me, so they do not clutter your office

  1. Grouping Papers

Labels are the key in organizing your paper work. From the useful items you have set aside, filing them in groups is the best way to consolidate them. The trick depends on how you work. You can separate personal files from household and work. Household files can further be subdivided into bills, grocery lists, and other household needs. Work files are easier since you have a clear idea of grouping your tasks.


  1. Using Folders (a LOT!!)

After separating your papers into groups, organize them neatly by filing them in folders with labels. Color coding works for most people to help them notice which folder to pick right away however, labels are still the safest and best option.


  1. Organize on Shelves

For a relatively bigger home office, you can expect a lot of papers that need to be filed. Cabinets are too big and can take up a lot of space in the room. Shelves are more convenient, especially open ones, to make your folders easily accessible.


  1. In and Out Boxes (They REALLY WORKJ )

In and Out boxes are very helpful to further organize your paper files. This is also to monitor which important papers need to delivered and which ones just came in. It helps with time tracking and making sure that you do not miss deadlines.


  1. Accessible And Not Out of Sight

Arranging the totality of your home office is the challenging part. A spacious room is refreshing to the eyes and mind and helps you to concentrate well on your work. Tables, shelves and small items should be arranged minimally to save space. Also, since we are focusing on your important paper files, it is good to put your shelves in convenient positions where you can easily access which ones by standing up or just sitting down.


  1. Keeping It Organized (Talk to Household Members)

If you are not living alone, informing your household members of how your office works is the best way to avoid losing things and getting into arguments. The labels are pretty much obvious however; it is still advisable to communicate your ideas with the people you are living closely with.


We have compiled a list of ideas to help manage the papers which can be implemented from Day 1. And these ideas are from Dollar Store.

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