March 09, 2017

We all know about "Time Management": that dreaded art/science where we are supposed to become productivity machines, getting as many high priority tasks accomplished as humanly possible. How's that been working for you? 

Are you getting everything you wanted done? Are you spending your time wisely, or does it feel like it is being wasted? More importantly, are you spending your time joyfully?
Most of us have learned the traditional method of time management, where all items on our to-do lists get prioritized as high, medium or low, and we are instructed to attack the top of the list with gusto. While this approach looks good on paper, it doesn't take into account one critical component of the human condition: We never do anything we don't truly want to do. If we continually force ourselves to work when we don't want to, we either collapse from fatigue or chuck the whole process and resign ourselves to never having "enough time."
If you are tired of constantly running on the hamster wheel of life without much to show for your efforts, maybe a different approach is in order.

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