May 12, 2017

Mothers get one day in a year to be pampered and to feel special. Apparently, the Mother’s Day occasion every 2 nd Sunday of May has been so commercialized that people are forgetting the true essence of the celebration. Mother’s Day is for celebrating motherhood and acknowledging the things our mothers have sacrificed for us. I’m sure some would like to receive flowers, cards and chocolates but not to the point of getting them every year. Internet savvy moms, through their blogs, have voiced out their opinions on what they really want to do on their special day.

Our moms do everything for us. They clean the house, take care of the kids, and work in the office. This one Sunday in May is the perfect time for them to relax and shove away the worries at home and at work. A bouquet of flowers sure is sweet but when they find it is as expensive as those chocolate boxes you ought to give on anniversaries, I can’t assure if they would feel more special as they already are. Sometimes our moms just simply want to take a break from being our everyday supermoms. Others appreciate gifts but prefer to be more practical. So here is a quick guide for husbands and children to understanding what mothers really want and need on Mother’s Day.

They want to relax.

It is obvious how moms spend each day of their lives for the family. On their special day, they deserve some break and just relax. They would want time for themselves even if it just for an hour or two. They want to sleep in, sip their favourite coffee alone, find some time for a foot spa while scrolling down their Facebook. They dream of indulging on their favourite food without feeling guilty of their budget or their weight. It is not always chocolates. It could be wine and cheese.

They would like to keep the house clean.

Every mom wants their house clean--- always. The housework they do every day to keep it tidy will need to stop for at least 36 hours. Make an effort to clean the house for them and keep it that way for more than a day. Organize paper stuff, take out the trash, make the kitchen spot-clean. Our moms do not need to worry about coming home when they are out and having fun on their special day.

Take them shopping without a budget.

You may think it is not possible for everyone to give away a sky-is-the-limit shopping spree. But you will be surprised how practical our moms can get. They are and will always be mothers so they definitely understand budgeting more than you do. What they want is a shopping spree at a Dollar Store, for example. They want to buy new stuff for the house. Things that is more useful than overpriced jewelleries and lingerie.

Notice their sense of fulfilment after they get that small cork board they wanted to stick notes and reminders at home. Buy them paper racks or folders with pockets to help them consolidate papers at home. Surely they will need those little plastic drawers to organize small things like paper clips and staple wires. They will certainly find joy in these little things that well help them stay organized at home.

Drop the idea of expensive gifts.

Why would they need an overpriced bouquet of flowers or Ferreros from a 1-800 store when they simply want a tall cup of their favourite Starbucks coffee? The idea of making them feel sexy through branded lingerie will not work if their days are spent watching the kids, not being able to shower sometimes and walk around town with a big diaper bag and stains on their shirts. Jewellery is very expensive and there is nothing more they want to wear than their wedding ring. They don’t get to wear fancy stuff dangling around their ears and necks if they have toddlers who may pull them out any time. Save those gift ideas for a sparkly night with your wife or your mom. But what is date night to them?

Why not give them useful presents instead? Give them something that they could use at home or at work. Perhaps it is time to restock their sticky notes, paper clips and staple wires? Buy a new pack of folders to get rid of the piled-up papers in their office room. A wine opener in the kitchen might be a good idea.

All the things you do for your mom, no matter how big or small are very much appreciated. They are our mothers and all they want for us is to be healthy and happy. Mother’s Day does not have to be a grand celebration. Your presence is the most important gift you can give, after all.

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