May 24, 2017

We are used to getting tips on how to organize things at home and/or in the office. There are many tricks to help you in organizing and sometimes, because we are too focused to get it done as efficiently as possible, we forget the basic rules when decluttering.

We offer you a brand new perspective in tidying your home and office. Instead of thinking about the most effective ways to succeed in cleaning up, we give you straightforward guidelines on what NOT TO DO when re-organizing. These most common missteps are nothing but when overlooked, they are most likely to ruin even your best efforts to succeed in decluttering.

There are just 4 basic things you need to remember when organizing:

  1. DO NOT keep things you don’t need.

We believe that the biggest fault a person makes in re-organizing things at home or in the office is hanging on too much to things for the wrong reasons. Old stuff stay and get dumped into places because of sentimental value. Sometimes, it is the lack of motivation to finish off a task at the end of the day.

You cannot start organizing if you have a pile of worthless things hanging around a storage box or in deep corners of your drawer or cabinet. Eventually, we all need to let go of things that has no use and cannot keep us happy. If you haven’t used it for many years, it is highly unlikely to be useful in the years to follow. Get rid of such things in a positive way if not throwing them into the trash bin. Ex. Do a garage sale. Donate to charity. Gift it to a friend.

  1. DO NOT start what you cannot finish.

This is a very effective advice especially for people who work full time. You could allot one Sunday in spring to do your decluttering but you have to be realistic. Do you think you can finish cleaning the whole house in a day? When you start your work with high expectations and end up disappointed, it demotivates you. So you have to think it over and come up with a schedule to complete everything.

Divide the house into sections – bedroom, home office, kitchen, living room. If your office is too much of a mess, you can subdivide it more sections – desk, file cabinet, papers. Allocate 1 to 2 hours a day to work on each sub-section. Then schedule one day in the weekend to work on a bigger section, like your bedroom. This way, you know you can finish every task completely, without leaving any mess around to further clutter your space the next few days because you forgot about it.

  1. DO NOT buy things before organizing.

When you are too excited to re-organize your home, you tend to think ahead and go shop for things you assume you will use in decluttering. The problem is that most of the time, these new items you buy are not needed at all.

The idea is to start organizing first. Clean and put everything in containers that you don’t know you even have. Make use of what you will find when tidying up. It is best to go back to Tip #1 and get rid of the things you don’t need. A 3-Bin system is effective in sorting – 1 for stuff to get rid of, 2 for stuff you need at the moment, and 3 for important things you need stored. Be careful as 1 and 3 might overlap and become a problem.

  1. DO NOT expect perfection.

Decluttering is a never-ending process. Every day, we bring in new things and produce litter more than we realize. Do not expect that just because you have finally completed cleaning up all rooms in your house, you won’t do it again after a month. Think of organizing your home with a logical and efficient system that will make it easier for you to tidy up things in the future. You will need to regularly update your method of cleaning and aim for a new system that is far more effective than the old one.

Clutter is a part of everyday life and there are numerous tricks that you can use to combat mess in your daily living. Decluttering is an on-going process that needs motivation and an effective system of organizing things in the house or at your office. There is no perfect method but you can look at things at different angles until you find the one that perfectly fits you.

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