March 24, 2017

You have set yourself a home office for some time now and it’s getting a little overwhelming because of all the mess. From scratch papers to important files and other stuff you need for work, you just don’t know how or where to start organizing. You realize that every bit of paperwork is important so you need to find a way to stack them in one place, out of your sight, but still accessible. When you go to a home décor store, you decide whether to buy a file cabinet to help organize your paper clutter. You won’t and here are the reasons why.

  1. You don’t have that much paperwork

You have kept all the necessary bits of paper you felt are important from receipts to coupons, bills and whatnot. It is not too much to fit into a small file box and at the same time, it is not that many to put in a file cabinet. The important papers can be categorized into no less than 4 file folders and could probably fill up at most one drawer.


  1. There is little space in your home office

For a relatively small home office, you want to arrange things in a minimalist way where you can save as much space as you can. File cabinets are a little bulky since it has 3 or 4 drawers to stack your files. Buying one will definitely take up as much as a quarter of space in your office even If placed on corners. You don’t want to compromise your comfort just to get rid of all those paperwork when you’ve got a better option.


  1. File cabinets are expensive

When you go to Ikea, for example, you will find that their cheapest file cabinets cost $100. It’s a bit too much if you are the type who loves to purchase things from the dollar store. When starting out with a home office, you need to buy more important stuff like desk, chair, board, and even your computer. You can save that extra money instead to buy decorations to make the room more appealing and inviting to work.


  1. Make use of what you have

Whether you are on a tight budget or you just don’t want to spend money on unnecessary things, you can make use of the current space you have at home. What am I talking about? These are the storage racks or corner tables that you can use to stack on your organized paperwork. Your old boxes should also do the trick plus you can slide them under desks or your bed so they don’t litter around.


  1. Make use of other organizing tips

There are plenty of online resources where you can get inspirational ideas on how to organize and decorate your home office. Cheap and effective is the key. Most of these tips suggest stores where you can buy stuff with price included.

Now that you realize that purchasing a filing cabinet is not essential to help you organize your papers, check out some of our best tips on how to keep papers using an effective file organizing system.

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