About Us

25 Home Décor is a privately held, family owned business based out of the capital of the nation Washington D.C.

Our Story

Back in 2012, I, “Lindsey Front” was head over heels with a man “Alan King” and it was him who introduced me to a better me. One cannot buy time but what if you have time to listen to your kids, take wife on a date, and spend time with your parents and all the small things you have missed because you don’t have time or you are stressed. A well-organized life finds time for everything. Alan explained me that, “being organized is not about getting rid of everything one owns or trying to become a different person, it’s about living the way one wants to live, but better”. We got married and together we started our company “25 Home Décor”.

We believe one should organize life around one’s dreams - and watch them come true, it sure is a journey to a better life.

We are now parents to a cute little daughter “Zara” and we have come a long way from 1 room office to 1 entire warehouse dedicated to us with numerous products touching lives of many helping them to be organized so they can make their dreams true.

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